RAW Perforated Wide Filter Tips (50 tips)

100.00 70.00

Avaibility: In Stock
50 Tips in Each Pack
Made of Natural Products
Chlorine Free
Perforated Sides
Dimensions (55mm – 25mm)
Avaibility : in stock
What would a cigarette look like if a tip wasn’t used to roll it up? Cigarette Tips are an essential part of a cigarette as they not just give a proper shape to your roll but also provides a better gripping while holding. RAW has a variety of filter tips under its brand, and every joint-rolling paper tip has some quality that will lure you, but not every tip works for all smokers as every smoker has their preferences. Roll your Cigarette roll with wide perforated tips and on a Rolling Tray.


Every pack has 50 tips for 50 fantastic smoke experience.

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