Elements Connoisseur – King Size Rolling Paper with Tips

250.00 200.00

Avaibility: In Stock
32 Leaves and 32 Tips in each pack
Made of Rice
Natural Sugar Gum
Perfect Fold Technique
Ultra-Thin Paper
Made of Natural Products
Each paper is Watermarked
Zero Ash
Avaibility : in stock
Elements is one of the known brands in the smoking industry, which is made of earth, water, wind, and fire particles. Elements Connoisseur is everything a smoker needs to roll their own cigarette roll. Well, with a system of 2 in 1 you’ll have everything one requires. The pack has King Size Slim cigarette rolling papers and cigarette rolling tips which are kept together with a thread to make it easier to carry and go.


32 Leaves with 32 tips for Pure Pleasure.

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